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Monday, July 6, 2009


In my earlier post I’ve discussed about dresses and dressing sense now let me tell you that if you want to make impact among your friends then you definitely need to accessorize yourself because Good dress without right accessories is just like a gift without wrapper. But when you accessorize yourself you need to make sure that you don’t over accessorize yourself or else you’ll look like a wrapper without any gift. Even accessories need to be in accordance with your wardrobe and occasion you are heading towards. Bracelets and lockets are always good options for guys and gals both. Heavy blingz will go well if you’re heading towards some party. As far guys are concerned if their ears are pierced than they must opt for small earring and if it’s not pierced than you can try your luck with magnetic studs. The best part of accessorizing is that it doesn’t depend on the skin tone. You can even go for rapper kinda styling if you’re dressed in a loose-baggy kinda jeans and oversized tee. Always make sure avoid gold accessories especially for guys. Now when it comes to girls they should always try to keep it simple. All they need to do is opt for those ornaments which match your dress. Never opt for heavy styling with simple cloth and at last as I always say never follow anybody’s advice because that’s called teenage spirit.

Dressing Sense

When it comes to looks we are extremely choosy, so if you take my advice follow the simple path i.e. “look different, look cool”. By this I mean when you dress up yourself always try to make it different from quiet usual sense. Because at last what matters is the way you carry off your wardrobe and the dressing sense than the dress you are wearing. Especially for girls, even if you’re wearing a “Versace” or “Cavalli” or “Armani” outfit but you are not able to carry it out then in that particular case you should rather opt those outfit which defines you better, no matter even if it’s not branded. One more important point always stick to those wardrobes which compliments your “Body type”….many a time we see a healthy girl spotting tight fitted skinny jeans which is just a big no-no. Always select your dress depending on the occasion you’re heading towards, like on the occasion of Birthday party-just try to dress yourself in the light and chill out way as for guys they can opt for plain shirt with a torn out denim, and girls can look good in a skinny denim with a quoted tee. When you head to some pub or disc or for a movie then guys should prefer a nice appealing shirt or tee with a worn out low-waist jeans and a canvas shoe with right accessories which include wrist bands, lockets, blingz to give a sporty look and girls should prefer mini frock or micro-mini skirt or short-pants with high heels and right accessories. But the problem occurs when it becomes difficult to choose a wardrobe for a “Date” or a nice romantic “dinner”. As these particular events holds an utmost importance in teenager’s life so on this particular occasion one should always opt for elegant wardrobe and try to dress in the sophisticated manner. As for guy’s they can impress their lady love in a nice plain full shirt with a fitting trousers and a nice black shoe and girl can impress with sophisticated gown with little or no make-up and a nice high heels and make sure never over accessorize yourself. And at last never follow anybody’s advice while dressing yourself not even mine…..keep on experimenting till you find the right way to dress-up yourself.

About Teenager

From the past till the present “teenagers” has always been associated with “aggressiveness”, “short temperedness” and “illogical”. But as far as I know this particular phase of life is more complicated than any other. At this time not only one passes through physical modification but mental development too. During this phase one gets flooded with tsunami of emotions and hormonal changes, which at times become difficult to control. Teenagers are always concerned about themselves and their belongings. So in this blog we’ll discuss all the likes and dislikes of teenage ship. You must be wondering why I am so much concerned about this community…..the answer is “I too belong this community”.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hiii......2 ol ma teenage frnz !!!! As we ol knw dat teenagers has olwayz been misunderstood and are treated as underdogs(literally).....So dis iz d place where we ol shud unite and do sumthng xtraordinary whch will shayk da people's misconception 'bout us......LETS REVOLUTIONIZE DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!